The Saturnettes II - Atheos mix

We are happy to release an alternate version of The Saturnettes II album mixed and produced by Atheos. It does not only feature new mixes and sounds but it's also combined from different takes from the album recording sessions. The more modern and electronic elements as well as renewed arrangements give new edges and atmosphere to the songs.

You can download and listen to it from thesaturnettes.bandcamp.com


Jann Wilde sums up his career with "Rock'n'Roll Dreams"

"Rock'n'Roll Dreams" is Jann Wilde's first career spanning collection featuring 24 songs from five albums, Tokio Okei (2007), Neon City Rockers (2008), Don't Play With The Flame On Your Hand (2010), The Saturnettes (2011) and The Saturnettes II (2013). The album is available as a pay-what-you-want download exclusively from jannwilde.bandcamp.com

The collection will not just celebrate the 10th anniversary but will also be the final release by Jann Wilde.


New video - Television Boy/Television Girl

New video "Television Boy/Television Girl" uploaded. Directed by Jann Wilde & Henrika. Click here to watch.


More reviews

Two more reviews. Both positive.

Terrorverlag (deutsch)
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Two interviews

"Sisältö on kaupallisuutta tärkeämpää"
Viikkouutiset/Aamuposti 15.11.2013

"Uusi linjakkaampi The Saturnettes"
Desibeli.net 19.11.2013


First reviews

Two reviews online. Both in finnish. Both very nice.

Desibeli.net (4/5)
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CD sold out

The Saturnettes II limited edition CD is
SOLD OUT. Thank you.